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Publicity Section

The following is a collection of media events and interviews held in promotion of Jesus in India the movie.

December 2009 - National Public Radio

Paul Davids talk about his films and Jesus In India in particular. Includes the latest information about screenings and showings on television and details about the St. Issa scroll.

[Download MP3 here] (21 mins)

August 2009 - The Spirit Weaver Radio Show

Paul is interviewed by David James. Listen to the full interview here

May 2009 - Web Talk Radio - The Truth About Life

'The Truth About Life' show hosted by Stephen Hawley Martin features an interview with Paul Davids.

[Download mp3]

May 2009 - Paranormal Radio Network

November Hanson interviews both Paul Davids and Edward T. Martin in a 2 hour special. The topics included:

  • The dangers encountered during the making of the film
  • The case for Jesus surviving the Crucifixion
  • Nicholas Notovitch and St Issa scroll
  • Questions from listeners

Download the full mp3 here [download] (102 minutes)

April 2009 - 21st Century Radio

Feature interview with Dr Bob Hieronimus with Paul Davids. Topics include:

  • The St Issa Scroll and Nicholas Notovitch
  • Other sources of Jesus in India during his youth
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim views on the Crucifixion
  • St Thomas in India

Download the full mp3 here [Coming Soon ] (71 minutes)

March 2009 - BlogTalkRadio

In this broadcast Paul answers questions about the making of the film, people's reaction to the film, the Kashmir tomb, as well as the latest news on which countries will be featuring the film.

Paul also talks about the St Issa scroll made famous by Nicholas Notovitch

William H. Kennedy interviews Paul Davids - opening up with a glowing endorsement of the film as 'the best movie on Jesus in India' adding 'for anybody out there interested in Christian apologetics or Hinduism - this is a must see film'. The interview includes questions about who the 'three wise men' were, the St Issa scrolls and how the film has been received. (27mins) [download]

This short interview comes from UK based Glastonbury Radio. It features both Paul Davids and Edward T. Martin talking about the film project and the books related to the film. Both Paul and Ed give an overview of the project including the very latest information about where the film is being shown. (15mins) [MP3 Download - Copyright of Glastonbury Radio]

In this interview with Paul Davids host Jerry Pippin explores the core questions of the topic including the Roza Bol Tomb in Kashmir, Lost Tribes in Kashmir, release plans for the movie as well as details about some of those interviews in the film. (2x 30mins) [download]

In this broadcast Paul Davids talks to Rob Simone about the film and the subject. Topics include the question of why there is nothing on the 'Missing Years' in the Bible, formation of the New Testament canon and the source of the St Issa scroll. (1x60mins)

Coast to Coast AM - 21st December 2008 [more]

In this broadcast on the famous 'Coast to Coast AM' late night show both Paul and Ed talk to George Knapp about the making of the film, the Ahmadi Muslim view of post-Crucifixion Jesus, the meeting with the Shankaracharya, why and how Jesus travelled to India and a look at the theme of interreligious dialogue.

This interview is also available on YouTube in many parts - the interview begins during this clip - which is part 9 from the whole show - [Part 9]




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